Birthday Cake Brittle - Chocolate by Sweetsmith Candy Co.  - Come to the dark side,  we have chocolate! Crunchy, dark chocolate sponge toffee brittle is given an extra serving of awesome when it's topped with Belgian Dark Chocolate and SPRINKLES! Give it a try, all you young and young and at heart. Make it like your birthday every day- and indulge in your dark side.


Wuyi Mountains Black Tea by Silver Needle Co. - Grown atop the majestic Wuyi Mountains in China, these leaves flourish at over 4000 feet in elevation. This high-grade Lapsang Souchong, a special name to distinguish black teas originally from this Wuyi region, is traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, resulting in a distinctive smoky flavor. This is a rich and full-bodied black tea with levels of depth and complexity, this rare tea is warm and cozy with notes of chocolate and roasted chestnut, evoking fall and the aroma of autumn leaves. 


Belmont™ Gold Cocktail Shaker by Viski -  This stainless steel gold plated shaker is so stylish. There’s no reason a barware essential has to look basic! 


Native American Collection | For Those Who Came Before | Christine Quintasket candle by Ethics Supply - Scents: Sunflower | Sweet Mariposa Lily,  comes with matches that have a photo of Christine Quintasket, the first female Native American Author and a bridge builder between clashing cultures. She bore witness in her writings to the last of the wild buffalo being captured & slaughtered in Montana. The crossing arrows is a symbol for friendship in Native American culture.


Bali Blue Moon Organic, by No 6 Depot - Located in the Kintamani Highlands of the island of Bali, Indonesia, which sits atop a large volcanic plateau. It is shade-grown, eco-friendly, 100% organic coffee that is planted alongside trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine and Orange. Blue Moon is part of a traditional farming structure—like a co-operative—where all profits go back to the farmers themselves.