Sweet Balsam Incense by Skeem Design - Sweet Balsam is a blend of evergreens highlighted by spring bulbs and pine cones.This insense stylishly brings the outdoors inside. It is scented with Skeem Design's Sweet Balsam exclusive scent, a blend of evergreens highlighted with top notes of spring bulbs and pinecones.


Sticky Toffee Chocolate bar by Compartes - It's absolutely delicious! we are putting blinders up every time we walk past this yummy bar on our product shelf. 


Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee by no.6 Depot - Beginning in 1928, Manuel Rojas and his sister Romelia had visions of growing coffee in the Tarrazú region. They became one of the first families to plant coffee in this famous region. The pure air and crystal clear waters of Tarrazú are what made Roberto Montero Castro fall in love with the slopes of San Marcos de Tarrazú and take over the farm. Completely dedicated to this passion, Montero actually offered assistance in farming techniques and consultative services to the peasant farmers of Tarrazú. Blessed with just the right amount of tropical acidity, the soil of Tarrazú produces a coffee of tremendously unique quality. Grown at no less than 4200 feet with brilliant acidity, a full body and rich aroma.


Sweet Balsam Axiom Candle and matches by Skeem Design - This canlde smells like the holday season! It's lite warm and totally relaxing. 


Oranic Chai by One Stripe Chai  - This delicious Chai is crafted in small batches in the heart of Southeast Portland. The small company hand bottles each concentrate to ensure it’s of the highest quality when it gets to your mug. It is brewed with Organic black tea from their partner farm in Assam, India!