Home and Body Company Belle Collage Hand Soap, Lavender - Natural, beautiful aroma of lavender that genlty cleanses while leaving skin soft and radiant. Made in the USA. 

​Gorgeous tin with thin leaves made of Amatller delicious milk chocolate. 

The Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub by Rituals - This amazing body scrub is based on a luxurious combination of organic sugar and wonderful softening oils to gently and intensely remove dead skin cells. Specially developed to nourish and revitalise even the driest of skins.

Amatller Chocolate Milk Chocolate Leaves - Thin leaves of milk chocolate with 32% cocoa, which come in a metal box decorated with old promotional posters from Chocolate Amatller. Made with Ghana cocoa beans, following Amatller’s own method of selection, roasting, refining and conching, the chocolate is characterised by a finely balanced combination of the intensity of Ghanaian cocoa with the creaminess of milk, accompanied by a light touch of natural vanilla.