Father Christmas Figure by Pump Street - Hand-poured from molten organic chocolate made from bean to bar in Suffolk, this is a classic Father Christmas figure. He is carrying his sack of presents over his shoulder and stands in front of a traditional Christmas tree. Comes in a decorative tube featuring snow-covered scenes of the bakery and castle in Orford.


Candy Cane Chocolate Peanut Brittle by Sweethsmith - It's a brisk winter evening; you're curled with a hot cup of cocoa beside the warm glow of the fire.This candy bar is infused with every element of winter, from the fresh smooth flavors of mint and chocolate, to the fire roasted smokiness of peanuts. Your senses will be delighted by this embodiment of the yuletide season!


Specialty Candle | Campfire Cocoa by Ethics Supply - To us, there is nothing better than deliciously decadent hot cocoa sipped from enamelware mugs while wrapped in a rich wool blanket beside a blazing campfire. Ethics Supply have endeavored to capture this experience through scent with thier Campfire Cocoa candle, good enough to eat (although we don’t recommend it), their new Campfire Cocoa candle brings this old school camp classic into the comfort of your home. 


Rosemary Mint Foot Cream wrapped in red by The Cottage Greenhouse - SOS! Save your soles! Hot and bothered feet are comforted and cooled with a revitalizing blend of essential oil, Rosemary, and a fresh Peppermint kick. Extra-thick & oh-so-rich conditioning Beeswax & Jojoba leave your feet refreshed and super soft. Restore your gentle soles to the pedi-perfection they were destined to be! An extra burst of natural menthol creates a tingling sensation that invigorates the mind and body.


Palo Santo by Skeem Design - Palo Santo is a sustainably cultivated wood from South America that has natural aromatic properties from the tree resin. This “Holy Wood” is believed to ward off bad energy, aid in healing, calm and cleanse the body and mind, and bring good fortune to those that burn it. To burn, simply light the end of a stick and keep the flame burning for about a minute. Blow out the flame and blow gently to keep the embers smoking. The stick will emit the beautiful fragranced smoke that will leave a lasting scent for several hours.