Birthday Cake Brittle - Vanilla by Sweethsmith Candy Co. - If you never liked birthday cake; that's because you never had THIS as an option!Crunchy sugary, vanilla infused sponge toffee brittle topped with premium white Belgian chocolate, then generously doused with SPRINKLES!There are metallic stars in the sprinkles. There are iridescent peal like thingies in the sprinkles. There are flat sprinkles, skinny, long sprinkles, multi coloured star sprinkles... yes.... Never too mature for SPRINKLES!


Birthday Cake Tea by Par Avion - Birthday Cake Flavored Loose Leaf Black Tea wit Funfetti sprinkles. It's absolutely delicious! 


Happy Birthday Candle by Bows & Arrows - Our favorite sugar cookie scented soy based candle topped with sprinkles