Bourbon Barrel Aged - 75% Dark Chocolate by Harper Macaw - Say hello to your new nightcap. This limited release chocolate bar was made in the spirit of experimentation. For six months harper macaw aged their Amazonian cocoa beans in a bourbon whiskey barrel supplied by their neighbors at One Eight distilling in the District of Columbia. The cocoa beans absorbed the flavors and aromas of bourbon soaked in the barrel's charred oak walls. This synthesis of American whiskey and Brazilian cocoa culminated in a stunning harmony and noble essence. 


The Host Key by WB Design (wrapped)- A combination wine key and bottle opener wrapped in leather embossed gift wrap, The Host Key can be stored mid-use on any bottle neck or at rest on its included magnetic dock.


Peaks of Prominence | White Mountain Candle by Ethics Supply Co. - Inspired by Mt. Washington (called Agiocochook by some Native American tribes) of the White Mountain range, which boasts some of the most extreme weather found in the continental United States with wind speeds clocked up to 231 miles per hour. Many proclaim that lighting this candle produces a very calming and peaceful experience.


Matches by Skeem Design