Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Madagascar Trinitario 72% - The Sambirano valley in Madagascar is the origin of a unique blend of trinitario cocoa beans that this chocolate is made of. Sweet and sour like the fresh cocoa fruit pulp. 


Ginger Snaps Swedish Cookies by Unna Bakery  (wrapped with Poinsetta image)- Nothing says it's holiday time than Ginger Snap Cookies! UNNA Bakery crispy Swedish Ginger Snaps Spice Cookies filled with sweet almond pieces. So delicious! Each box contains 8 cookies.


ADMIRAL™ Double Opener Corkscrew by Viski - Why shouldn’t corkscrews do more? Ours integrates a classic bottle opener, double-hinged arm and five-turn helix, then adds a graspable foil cutter, power bottle opener and polished wood inlay to its handle


Eucalyptus, Sage, Amber and Rosewater by Illume Candle - This classic glass jar is sealed with a gold metal lid for a fresh and unassuming aesthetic. The scent is an aromatic eucalyptus mingled with silver sage, sparkling rosewater and warm amber.