Palo Santo & Palo Santo Soap by Skeem Design - Our Palo Santo collection is 100% natural. The unique scent is derived from Palo Santo essential oil, which is distilled from the natural resin of the wood. It is believed this essential oil holds all the properties of the sacred wood, and will ward off bad energy, and calm and cleanse the body and mind.


Native American Collection | For Those Who Came Before | Christine Quintasket candle and Box of Matches (wrapped) by Ethics Supply - Scents: Sunflower | Sweet Mariposa Lily,  comes with matches that have a photo of Christine Quintasket, the first female Native American Author and a bridge builder between clashing cultures. She bore witness in her writings to the last of the wild buffalo being captured & slaughtered in Montana. The crossing arrows is a symbol for friendship in Native American culture.