Imaginary Garden, Lime Verbena Handsoap by Home and Body Co. - This beautiful reusable decorative bottle of organic lemon verbena hand soap is absolutely magical. 


Sungold Apricot & Sage Fine Salt Scrub, The Cottage Greenhouse - Apricot Kernel Oil is plump with honeyed-hydrators to soften skin & seal in moisture. Vitamins A & E come to the rescue to help your skin look fresh, youthful, & radiant.


White Hydrangea Axiom Candle Tin by Skeem Design - White Hydrangea is soft & subtle with hydrangea, lily and green notes with a hint of vanilla. The Greek origin of the word Axiom, means to be in balance. 


Vintage Match Bottle by Skeem Design - Each French-square bottle stores 40, 2" matches, each with colorful tips. Keeps your matches safe from water splashes in a bottle pretty enough to showcase on your mantel. The strike-on-bottle design is truly unique and is great for camping, kitchen, and bathroom.