Ritual Pine Nut Chocolate 55% - Inspired by the mountains and local flavors surrounding us, we have added ground pine nuts to our dark chocolate blend to create a soft, smooth and deliciously nutty bar. Pine nuts are the seeds of Pinyon Pine trees which are native to Utah and grow in the pinyon-juniper woodlands in the picturesque rocky slopes and mesas of the Great Basin. Pine nuts are a true taste of our high, west locale.


Ginger Snaps Cookie by Unna Bakery - This crispy, nutty Ginger Snaps will transfer you right to the Holidays. First, we brown our sweet butter. Next, we mix in the flavors of a traditional Swedish holiday: ginger, clove and cinnamon. Finally, we add some almonds for that perfect balance. With lots of flavor and plenty of snap, our Ginger Snaps is a must for the Holidays.


Eucalyptus, Sage, Amber and Rosewater by Illume Candle - This classic glass jar is sealed with a gold metal lid for a fresh and unassuming aesthetic. The scent is an aromatic eucalyptus mingled with silver sage, sparkling rosewater and warm amber.