The Lotus Tea Tumbler by Sacred Love Lotus - The Lotus Glass Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee and Fruit Water. Includes a Travel Cozy and a Natural Bamboo Leak-Proof Lid. Perfect Gift. Soulful Design. Beautifully Packaged.


Bath salts by Lavande Farms - ah! just what i needed! you will float away into your "happy place" once you slip into a nice hot bath scented and softened with natural sea salt and lavender essential oil. these salts pull the toxins out of your skin leaving it silky smooth and relaxed. sorry, wine sold separately!


Peaks of Prominence | White Mountain Candle by Ethics Supply Co. - Inspired by Mt. Washington (called Agiocochook by some Native American tribes) of the White Mountain range, which boasts some of the most extreme weather found in the continental United States with wind speeds clocked up to 231 miles per hour. Many proclaim that lighting this candle produces a very calming and peaceful experience. 


Palo Santo by Skeem Design - Palo Santo is a sustainably cultivated wood from South America that has natural aromatic properties from the tree resin. This “Holy Wood” is believed to ward off bad energy, aid in healing, calm and cleanse the body and mind, and bring good fortune to those that burn it. To burn, simply light the end of a stick and keep the flame burning for about a minute. Blow out the flame and blow gently to keep the embers smoking. The stick will emit the beautiful fragranced smoke that will leave a lasting scent for several hours.


White Chocolate by Chocolate Amatller -  This beautiful bar shipped to us from Barcelona, is absolutely delicious.  Its high content of 25% Cacao and 100% cocoa butter makes it a creamy chocolate, which melts in your mouth in seconds. 

MOTHER NATURE (add a precious stone)