Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Peru Pure National Cacao 71% - In 2007, 2 American travelers in the Peruvian Maranon Canyon made an interesting discovery. The so-famous, but early-1900s, the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao bee was found. Because of its high criollo content, the fruity, floral aromas, along with hazelnuts, also appear.


Blair White Leaf Infuser Travel Mug by Pinky Up -  Whether you're driving in the car or sitting around the house, the Pinky Up Blair White Leaf Infuser Travel Mug makes it easy for you to get your morning dose of caffeine. Simply add tea leaves to the stainless steel infuser and pour water into the 16-ounce glass mug. Double-walled construction keeps your beverage hot and the outside cool, so your fingers stay comfortable and your tea remains at ideal drinking temperature for longer.


Jasmin Green Tean by Silver Needle co. - Our Jasmine Tea is fragrant and lovely, a specialty of Fujian Province, China. Once a year in late spring, the tea leaves are harvested and then immediately roasted with fresh jasmine flowers. From recognizing the precise moment to pick the flowers to sensing the critical instant to introduce the blossoms to the tea, masterful timing is essential for creating our top-quality jasmine tea. This delicate and elegant green tea offers an intoxicating aroma with floral notes and lingering sweetness. Package in Green cylinder.


Sungold Apricot & Sage Bath Soak - Skinny Dip for Self Rejuvenation and transform your ordinary bathinto a classic Spa Retreat! Our natural salt crystals are extracted from deep sea deposits delivering nutrients which can work to help balance skin cells and purify pores.


Charcoal & Lemongrass mask by The Cottage Greenhouse -  A Supreme Deep Clean! This unique purifying formula uses natural ingredients to help eliminate impurities & purge micro-particles. Lemongrass, nature’s astringent, aids in toning & tightening while infusions of White Tea & Chamomile soothe & calm stressed skin. Your skin is left soft & oh-so-smooth. Use weekly to refresh and assist in balancing healthy oil production.