Ginger Snaps Swedish Cookies by Unna Bakery  (wrapped with Poinsetta image)- Nothing says it's holiday time than Ginger Snap Cookies! UNNA Bakery crispy Swedish Ginger Snaps Spice Cookies filled with sweet almond pieces. So delicious! Each box contains 8 cookies.


Bali Blue Moon Organic, by No 6 Depot - Located in the Kintamani Highlands of the island of Bali, Indonesia, which sits atop a large volcanic plateau. It is shade-grown, eco-friendly, 100% organic coffee that is planted alongside trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine and Orange. Blue Moon is part of a traditional farming structure—like a co-operative—where all profits go back to the farmers themselves.


Cherry Chipotle Sauce by Tait Farms - We love this Cherry Chipotle Sauce! It is a mildly spicy and smoky sauce that is perfect on fajitas, beans, rice, shrimp, chicken, tofu, eggs, vegetables and more. ​


Salted Caramel Bar by Wellington Chocolate - We shipped this one in from New Zealand! This is Wellington Chocolate Factory's most popular bar - a perennial favourite and great first step into the world of WCF chocolate. Raawwoooorr.WCF blend 70%. Criollo/Trinitario organic beans. Organic butter/sea salt. Paraguay Manduvira sugar.85g* 2018 Academy of Chocolate bronze award winner*


Peace + Poise soap by Keats - Fresh, floral Lavender calms the mind and the most sensitive of skin types while sweet Ylang Ylang deepens relaxation. An extra mild cleansing bar blended with soothing Aloe Vera.