Raspberry Shrub by Tait Farms - Our first Tait Farm Foods product and still the most popular! Raspberry Shrub is a classic mixer and simply the best. It is like a non-alcoholic Chambord, with its beautiful raspberry essence. It makes everything from Raspberry Spritzers to Champagne Cocktails.


Organic Dark Chocolate with Raspberries and Pineapple by LA NAYA - This delicious chocolate bar is infused with Pineapple which offers exceptional juiciness, tender texture and a vibrant flavor. But when the sweet raspberry comes along, pineapple gives away all its well-hidden assets.


Jasmin Green Tean by Silver Needle co. - Our Jasmine Tea is fragrant and lovely, a specialty of Fujian Province, China. Once a year in late spring, the tea leaves are harvested and then immediately roasted with fresh jasmine flowers. From recognizing the precise moment to pick the flowers to sensing the critical instant to introduce the blossoms to the tea, masterful timing is essential for creating our top-quality jasmine tea. This delicate and elegant green tea offers an intoxicating aroma with floral notes and lingering sweetness. Package in Green cylinder.


MR. and MRS. Candle by Us! - Sugar cookie scented soy candle.


Peace + Poise soap by Keats (wrapped)- Fresh, floral Lavender calms the mind and the most sensitive of skin types while sweet Ylang Ylang deepens relaxation. An extra mild cleansing bar blended with soothing Aloe Vera.